Roever Foundation

The Roever Foundation has a long and exciting history in support of public education, the US military, assistance to wounded warriors, and tours in military war zones, engaging the troops with a message of hope and resiliency. Additionally, the Roever Foundation has provided thousands of educational scholarships to students primarily in Vietnam, but also to students in secondary education seeking degrees in a variety of subjects. These include foreign students as well as domestic.

The Roever Foundation prides itself especially in development of facilities and a cardiac care unit in one of Vietnam’s largest hospitals. The Roever Foundation built and has operated, since 2000, a free-to-the-public cardiac care unit with a Toshiba Digital Imaging Catheterization Lab, saving the lives of hundreds of Vietnamese. Along with the Catheterization Lab, they provided a 36-bed heart monitoring system in Saigon. Cataract surgery has been supplied for hundreds of Vietnamese children, giving them instantaneous vision in our 20/20 Project. Their medical teams have supplied AIDS testing units for orphanages and public schools as well as an intervention program of study. The Foundation has given clothing for approximately two million children in Vietnam. They have also supplied wheelchairs, bicycles, medicine, and boats with motors to needy individuals through the Red Cross in Vietnam.

The Roever Foundation has continued in their humanitarian efforts in other foreign countries such as El Salvador and Mexico, with medical and dental support for the underprivileged.

The Roever Foundation works extensively in the public schools of America by conducting assembly programs on pertinent topics: drug abuse, drinking and driving, peer pressure and self esteem.  In the past thirty years their speakers have addressed more than seven million students.  

The Foundation is extremely proud of their work with the United States military.  Members frequently travel domestically and to the Middle East instructing soldiers in resiliency and on suicide prevention tours.  Furthermore, they provide support for warriors retuning home with physical and emotional injuries through their numerous programs which offer hope and healing to America’s finest.


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