Welcome to the Military Online Bible School, a school of Global University in partnership with Dave Roever and R.E.A.P. International (Roever Educational Assistance Programs International.) This school exists to provide spiritual discipleship and training for ministry for military personnel, their families, and veterans.


Rev. Dave Roever

“The biblical admonition to "study to show thyself approved" should be taken as more than a suggestion. I take it as a commandment. There is nothing darker than ignorance and nothing more enlightening then knowledge. It is my hope that all our troops returning with so much experience and suffering will find resolution and direction as they study through the school for Military Ministry.”

Rev. Dave Roever




The Military Online Bible School offers two programs of study.


The Christian Life Program provides discipleship training and orientation to the Christian Life. Eighteen courses cover four general areas: Devotional Development, Doctrinal Development, Character Development and Service Development.



The Christian Service Program provides ministry training for leadership in the local church. Eighteen courses cover topics divided into four units: Missions and Evangelism, Practical Ministry Skills, Spiritual Development, and Biblical Studies.


For Enrollment or other Information please contact:

Mary Gaither

Military Online Bible School

P.O. BOX 136130
Fort Worth, Texas  76136

Email: mary@roeverfoundation.org

Phone Number: 817-238-2000


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